Enology and Viticulture course coming to Gettysburg Campus

By: Bob Green, HACC Enology & Viticulture Program Director

Beginning August 18th, HACC will be offering one of the courses in its Enology and Viticulture program at the Gettysburg Campus for the fall semester. The course, ENVI 253 Sensory Evaluation II, is the second of two sensory courses offered in the program, and explores the flavor profiles of wines made from grapes grown in Pennsylvania and other regions on the East Coast and compares them with archetypal wines. Students will learn about the different species and varieties of wine grapes, their flavor profiles, origin, traditional grape growing regions, and how a hot or cold climate can affect the grapes, and thus, the wine.

The course is a blended course, which combines online lecture materials with hands-on sessions at two weekend “camps”. This format allows convenient online access to classroom lectures and materials, while providing two important face to face sensory camps with the instructor and the other students. Both traditional, full time, students and non-traditional students with full time jobs and other responsibilities can take advantage of this format. The two camps meet on the weekends of Sept. 27-28, and Nov 8-9, 2014 in the Robert C. Hoffman Community Room on the HACC Gettysburg Campus. A $55 course fee is required, in addition to the tuition, for the purchase of wines that will be tasted during the camps. Students will also be evaluating wine on their own time, and keeping a wine evaluation journal throughout the semester.

Wine sensory. Photo by Michael Black/Black Sun Photography

Wine sensory. Photo by Michael Black/Black Sun Photography

Some knowledge and experience with wine tasting and sensory evaluation is required for this course. Within the program, the Sensory Evaluation I course is a prerequisite. The instructor can override this prerequisite requirement for individuals that have the experience and interest, and are not enrolled in the program.

The Enology and Viticulture program at HACC was created to provide trained employees for the wine and grape industry in Pennsylvania and surrounding states on the East Coast. Commercial vineyards and wineries are thriving, and the industry continues to grow as new vineyards are planted, and wineries are built. Foremost for these entrepreneurs is the production of high quality wines, requiring a knowledgeable and skilled labor force. To meet this need, HACC developed a curriculum that is tailored to the conditions that make this area and its wines distinctive.

The program offers three options for study: completion of an associate degree; completion of a certificate; or auditing individual courses for personal or professional enrichment. You can enroll in the college online by visiting the HACC website (www.hacc.edu). Once enrolled, you are also able to register for classes online, as well.

For more information, please contact Bob Green, Program Director, by email at ragreen@hacc.edu, or by phone at 814 860 1452.


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