About the Team

Wine & Grapes U. was developed by the Wine and Grape Team at Penn State University to keep the Pennsylvania wine industry, grape industry, and consumers up-to-date with current research findings, program activities, and relative information.

Please contact Kathy Kelley, professor of horticultural marketing and business management at Penn State at kathykelley@psu.edu for more information regarding this page or the Penn State University Wine and Grape Team.

The Penn State Wine and Grape Team

Email: fea5007@psu.edu
Email: mac17@psu.edu
Screenshot 2018-06-14 07.56.13
Email: mzc22@psu.edu
Email: elias@psu.edu
Screenshot 2018-06-14 08.17.59
Email: bxh38@psu.edu
Screenshot 2018-06-18 07.54.06
Email: hopfer@psu.edu
Email: KathyKelley@psu.edu
Screenshot 2018-06-14 08.20.13
Email: mxk1171@psu.edu
Screenshot 2018-06-14 08.28.27
Email: ajm4@psu.edu
Email: cschmidt@psu.edu
Screenshot 2018-06-14 08.20.38

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