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June 14, 2018

Boordy Vineyards, Hydes, MD: Winery Harvest Intern

Job Description:

 Boordy Vineyards, a family-owned winery located 30 minutes north of Baltimore City, is in search of an energetic, organized candidate for the position of winery harvest intern for the 2018 vintage. Position start date is September 1st and finishes at the end of October. The qualified applicant must be willing to work long hours and on weekends, and will report to the winemaking management team.

In addition, applicants must:
•  Be able to stand for long periods
•  Be able to lift and carry 50 lbs
•  Be comfortable on ladders
•  Be 21 or older
•  Have own transportation and lodging
•  Have a basic understanding of winemaking practices

Job duties include:
•  Monitoring fermentations
•  Barrel stirring
•  Additions
•  Perform basic wine analysis
•  Winery and tank sanitation
•  Assistance with fruit processing

About Boordy Vineyards:

Boordy farms 48 acres of grapes (40 ac vinifera, 8 ac hybrids) between two vineyard locations, and purchases fruit from a team of growers both within Maryland and in other states.  In total, we process over 400 tons of grapes each vintage.  In 2013 we completed construction of a new, state of the art winemaking facility which, together with Boordy’s veteran winemaking team, provide an excellent environment for learning and hands-on training.  Visit www.boordy.comfor more information.

If interested, or to learn more about the position, please contact Phin Deford (


ADAMS COUNTY WINERY, Orrtanna, PA:  Winemaker

Adams County Winery, one of the oldest still operating in the state, is located 8 miles west of Gettysburg. The Winemaker conducts all winemaking activities at this 30,000G winery, from crush to bottling. The Winemaker also works closely with other key managers and owners.

Qualifications include but are not limited to:

– Minimum 2 years of experience in commercial wine production.

– bachelor’s degree in Enology/Fermentation Science/Viticulture or related science preferably from Cornell, Virginia Tech, Ohio State, or other Eastern school.

– Computer skills with Microsoft Office.

– Proven ability to produce award-winning wines while maintaining the cost objectives of the winery, including wine/blend decisions, wine movement, finishing and bottling.

– Well developed leadership skills—the ability to analyze, problem-solve and adapt to changing priorities.

– Ability to supervise other staff.

– You must be able to lift and carry a 50-pound bag of sugar up and down a ladder; you must be able to lift and carry cases of wine up to 40 pounds repeatedly; you must be able to climb ladders and clean tanks; and you must be able to stand on your feet for up to 8 hours or more during bottling. These tasks must be done in a safe manner and you are also responsible for ensuring others are operating safely, as well.

-Ability to work extended hours especially during harvest.

– Must currently live in the United States. Relocation expenses are not covered or reimbursed.

Job Type: Full-time

Submit resume/cv to


April 13, 2018

Untitled 2hh.jpeg

April 5, 2018


Breaux Vineyards in Purcellville, Virginia is looking for an Assistant Vineyard Manager please send resumes to Gonzalo Ortiz

Job Description: The Assistant Vineyard Manager reports directly to the Vineyard Manager and is responsible for helping to maintain the established 105-acre vineyard and installing future estate vineyards.  This is predominantly a hands-on position, but with some supervisory duties. This position works in close accordance with the Vineyard Manager. This candidate should be proficient level in tractor operation. This is a full-time hourly position.

Job Duties Include:

  • Vineyard Management:
    • Responsible for operating tractors and equipment for grounds maintenance, pruning and pulling leaves
    • Assist the Vineyard Manager with planning & management of  vineyard operations including: 
      • Oversight and application of Canopy Management
        • Maintain and repair trellis
        • Maintain canopy
      • Oversight and application of Pest/Disease Management
        • Daily (within growing season):
          • scout for pest damage
          • order pesticides as needed and within given budget
          • supervise mixing and application of pesticides
          • apply pesticides as needed
          • maintain records of pesticide application
      • Oversight and application of  Nutrient Management
        • Collect and process soil and plant tissue samples
        • Supervise application of lime and fertilizers
      • Oversight and application of Vineyard  Floor Management
        • Oversee application of herbicides under trellis
        • Oversee mowing of vineyard row middles
      • Oversight and application of Harvest
        • Execute the harvesting of grapes.
          • hire and supervise picking crew
          • oversee safe operation of harvest equipment in vineyard
        • Assist with fruit weighing, handling and loading
      • Assist with new & replacement installation and management of vines
  • Resource Management:
    • Responsible for operating tractors and other equipment for distribution of chemicals and fertilizers (and overseeing their operation by others)
    • Assist the Vineyard Manager with Resource management:
      • Assist in the following weekly:
        • Project future needs for labor, supplies and equipment necessary to carry out vineyard and grounds operations on a timely basis
      • Assist in the following daily duties:
        • Prioritize vineyard & grounds tasks
        • Coordinate laborer work schedules
        • Maintain records for workers and equipment
        • Maintain documentation on activities in the vineyard and grounds in order to analyze and predict future resource needs and chart the progression of the growing season
        • Advise Facilities Manager of any problems with equipment to ensure timely repair or replacement
    • Assist with worker supervision:
      • Describe and demonstrate vineyard tasks for laborers.
      • Monitor crew to ensure tasks are carried out safely, properly and quickly
    • Ensure adherence to safety standards and protocols (OSHA)
  • Equipment Management:
    • Ensure proper and safe use of all equipment
    • Assist Farm Maintenance Technician as needed.
      • Maintain and repair equipment as needed
  • Perform other duties as needed.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Viticulture or Horticulture and/or a minimum of 5 years of practical experience in East Coast viticulture is required for this position
  • Required knowledge, skills and abilities:
    • Mechanical skills (tractor operation experience is required)
    • Ability to adapt to unforeseen constraints of weather, labor and equipment
    • Ability to work a flexible schedule during critical times of the season
    • Valid driver’s license and insurability by company
    • A positive attitude and team cooperation
    • A Virginia Certified Pesticide Applicators License as required to meet the operations needs for chemical applications.
  • Desired skills and abilities:
    • The ability to communicate in English and Spanish
    • Leadership experience
    • Strong project planning skills
    • Solid computer skills including MS Office applications
  • Physical Demands:
    • The ability to walk 2-5 miles per day in acreage with flat and hilly terrain required.
    • The ability to work in various weather conditions required.
    • The ability to repeatedly lift and carry 40 pounds desired.
    • The ability to excel in a high stress and highly fatiguing work environment caused by constraints of weather, labor and equipment.



March 20, 2018

The Winery at Wilcox, Inc. is looking for a General Production Manager for our Wilcox and Hunters Valley locations.  We hope to bring not only an employee but a member to our Winery family.

Some of the responsibilities of this position include, but not limited to:

· planning and organizing production schedules

·  assessing project and resource requirements

·  department budget creation and management

·  ensuring that health, safety licensing regulations are met

·  determining quality control standards

·  overseeing production processes

·  selecting, ordering and purchasing materials

·  organizing the repair and routine maintenance of production equipment

·  supervising the work of staff

·  organizing relevant training and employee enrichment sessions

Key Skills in ideal candidate:

·   Confidence

·   Technical skills

·   Project management skills

·   Organization and efficiency

·   Leadership and interpersonal skills

·   Problem solving skills

·   IT and numerical skills

·   Communication skills

·   Team working skills

Experience desired:

·     Minimum of 5 years of management experience

·     Maintenance background

·     Winery experience a plus, but not required.

Salary and additional benefits will be based on skills and experience.  Please email resume to Jamie Williams to



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