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Please note: In order to keep our list current, we will post equipment needs/items for sale for a three-month period. If your need/equipment for sale is still valid after three months, we will gladly update your posting. Please send your announcement as a Microsoft Word document to Kathy Kelley ( 

September 21, 2018

1)      Drip filter

Description of Equipment: A drip irrigation filter for removing silt etc from irrigation water. netafim, 100micron, 140 mesh, 1-1/2″ filter. Around $175 new. I also have a couple 3/4″ filters Willing to trade for bottles, steam washer, peristaltic pump and/or larger bladder pres

Asking Price for Equipment: $59

2)      Acid drum

Description of Equipment: I have a 55g barrel of muriatic acid. never opened.  Good for adjusting pH or removing hard water deposits. Asking Price for Equipment: $259

3)      Bladder press

Description of Equipment: Used eno rossi 70cm idro 300L (wood slats) bladder press for sale. Works great, just used it. New bladder trade for: bottles, steam washer, or variable capacity tanks, or tanks that can handle up to 25psi (15psi working pressure) (70-250g), or larger bladder press.

Asking Price for Equipment: $2999

4)    Fungicides: 1.2 bags of Rally, 2 bags manzate, .6 bag of topsin, 3 bags ridomil gold copper, and 1 bag captan

Asking Price for Equipment: 70% of retail

5)      Vine/cutting transplanter 

Description of Equipment: chain holder arrangement model 1500 holland Michigan cutting/ vine/ stock semi-auto transplanter

       When equipped with a 3 point hitch and 55 gallon barrel, the Model 1500 is the most economical and versatile single row planter available.

       Potted plants up to a 1-1/4” Adjustability – closing guides, seats, footrest and plant box locations are all adjustable to your individual needs to assure faster and more comfortable planting. Solid steel chain tighteners prevent packing wheel slippage. Additional rubber pack wheels

       Heavy duty drive chains, conveyor chains and cast iron sprockets minimize breakage downtime. Grease fittings – all moving parts have grease fittings for a long and dependable life span.

      Quality design, workmanship and materials have made our conventional bare root transplanters the proven leaders for over 65 years. These  three models can plant over 50 plants per minute, depending on plant spacings. Two operators feed the seedlings into rubber grippers which hold and protect the plant as it is guided into the furrow. A variety of optional plant holders are available for different type of seedlings.

Off-set Bare-root lifter / mounted / single-row

Description of Equipment   For row-lifting of high-stemmed plants. Infinitely side displacement. Stabilizing share. Standard three-point hitch.

Asking Price for Equipment: $1499 for both (transplanter & lifter)

6)            Used glycol cooling unit

Condenser units

200-230 V/60Hz/23,500 BTU

4 HP compressor

glycol Pump is 1-1/2 x 1-1/4″

miscellaneous couplers and connectors

40g of premixed glycol in insulated tank

Asking Price for Equipment: $1199

7)       New and used drip irrigation line w/ built in emitters, $0.80 & 0.40 per foot respectively.


Randy Miller

Piedmontese Winery & Vineyard

Duncan, OK



August 31, 2018

1. Lugana Destemmer Crusher 1R

From Prospero: Lugana 1R model can handle 4-6 tons per hour. Adjustable crushing rollers and rubber tip paddles. Very gentle processing machine. You will need a 2″ or 3″ separate must pump for these units as listed below. Photos available.

Price: $5000

2. Must Pump

Price: $2500

The Liverani, “Direct pump” can pump 155  gallons per minute (Direct 80). This pump uses a flexible rubber impeller which is made for handling food grade products. Used five a seasons, new impellers installed by Prospero. Hoses and tri-clover fittings available. Photos available

– 3″ Triclover fittings
– Capacity: 155 GPM gallons per minute
– 220 volt Three phase motor – 3 HP
– 25 ft. power cable
– 50 ft remote with forward & reverse & speed controls
– Switch/circuit breaker

3. Destemmer to Must pump and press hoses and fittings- $500


All tanks manufactured by Frank Knorr, Atlantic Welding, stainless steel, top manway, center manway, 1 ½ in tri-clover racking valve and bottom port, sample valves, legs.

900 G – $4800

540 G – $ 2900

320G – $1800

240 G – $1300

200 G – $1000

Very clean, excellent condition, photos available

5. Tiger Flex hose: new role, original packaging FT 150 x 100, 1 ½ in by 100 ft. $200

6. Harvest Lugs: 200 lugs available @ $5

Steel Containers for bottle storage:     Made by Bekaert handling,  can hold qty 500 to 600 of 750 ml bottles, champagne, Bordeaux or burgundy bottles. Foldable, stackable, very durable, each container weighs 170 lbs. $200 per container. Photos available.

Contact Janet Maki:, 610-286-7754 for the following equipment – Destemmer, must pump, hoses and fittings, tanks and picking lugs and steel containers.

July 23, 2018

Four 155 gallon stainless steel tanks are available.  Tanks manufactured by Frank Knorr.  Includes a round manway near the bottom, racking valve and bottom valve. Small (2”) opening on top of tank. Asking $600 each. 


Contact Brad at Pinnacle Ridge Winery at


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